Five more tips for better travel photos

I’ve been in a photography slump lately. But two things happened last week that rekindled my interest:

1. I saw this wonderful piece at Better Travel Photos about photographic self-assignments.

2. My old post on 10 ideas for better travel photos suddenly sprouted lots of traffic.

Thanks to that inspiration, I’ve once again started sorting through the 30,092 raw files from my last few trips — and have gleaned five more ideas for getting better travel photos.

1. Get personal

Street photography can capture some wonderful moments. But talking to your subject — and asking for permission to take their photo — sometimes yields an even greater sense of intimacy.

St Eustache beggar 1360908 BW3 BLOG

Sidewalk art 1590541 BLOG
Montmartre painter 1410667 BLOG

2. Get up

Getting up early on vacation may seem like an oxymoron, but the rewards are well worth any sacrifice: The light is often beautiful, and it’s a rare chance to have famous landmarks almost to yourself. Plus, you can learn a lot about a new city by watching it wake up.

Gondolas 1590835 BLOG

Louvre 1240717 BLOG

Venice wakes up 1630615 CC BLOG

3. Get wet

Electronics and water generally don’t mix well, but rainy days can be infinitely rewarding if you take the proper precautions. Here are three shots from one particularly damp morning in Venice I would have missed if I’d stayed indoors.

Old hallway 1570202 BW BLOG

San Marco 1560387 BW BLOG

San Marco 1570311 CX BLOG

4. Get abstract

Creative paint jobs. The ghosts of old doors. A boat launch. Most people will pass these without a glance. But you’re not most people, are you? Challenge yourself to look for hidden beauty in everyday scenes.

Burano paint 1620356 CL BLOG

Venice water gate 1550425 BLOG

Venice boat launch

5. Get down

Being not-tall puts me closer to the ground — and to images more vertically gifted photographers might miss. Look down every so often. You may be surprised by how beautiful the sidewalks are, and by who’s looking back.

Cobbles Carnavalet 1070869 CL BLOG

Little dogs 1460418 CL BLOG

Pigeon look 1260892 CL BLOG