Inside the abbey of Mont St. Michel

Welcome to the second installment of “18 hours on Mont St. Michel.” When we left off last time, my husband and I had just checked into our tiny room with an enormous view.

Causeway view Mont St Michel 1500197 BLOG

We met up with our dear friend Des some minutes later and continued our climb up to the abbey. I was glad to have sort-of-insisted on the taxi ride, because otherwise we would have missed seeing the abbey entirely.

Mont St Michel stairs 1490264 BLOG

According to legend, the archangel Michael appeared in 708 to bishop Aubert of Avranches and instructed him to build a church on the rocky island. That’s how this monument to faith got its name (“Michel” is French for “Michael”). That’s also why you see depictions of the archangel at every turn.

Archangel sign 1500021 BLOG

Mont St Michel frieze 1490001 BLOG

Mont st Michel michael 1490975 BLOG

Saint Michael 1480515 CR BLOG

St Michael street sign 1500042 BLOG

Bishop Aubert followed his instructions quite literally, by somehow building a church directly onto the mountain. I loved how the masonry blended into the rocks.

Esteban and Des 1490241 CR BLOG

Mont St Michel spout 1480540 CR BLOG

MOnt St Michel stones 1480536 BLOG

Mont St Michel wall 1490139 BLOG

The 11th and 12th centuries brought construction of a bigger abbey, with round Romanesque arches and heavy stone pillars.

Mont St Michel ceiling 1480945 BLOG

Mont St Michel columns 1490032 CX BLOG

The abbey was further enlarged between the 13th and 15th centuries. The result was a hodgepodge of architecture: You could see the evolution from Romanesque to Gothic to Flamboyant Gothic, simply by turning left or right.

Mont St Michel hodgepodge 1480519 BLOG

Mont St Michel stairs 1480528 BLOG

Mont St Michel refectory 1490160 BLOGMy favorite section was the gorgeous, verdant cloister.

Cloister 1480910 BLOG

Mont St Michel cloister 1480848 BLOG

Mont St Michel cloister 1480933 BLOG

Mont St Michel vaults 1480879 BLOG

Only later did I realize it was perched on the edge of a cliff.

Mont St Michel window 1480641 BLOG

Mont St Michel window 1480917 CR BLOG

The view from the ramparts was breathtaking, too.

Mont St Michel top 1480645 BLOG

MOnt St Michel parapet 1480667 BLOG

Mont St Michel 1480727 FB

Mont St Michel bay 1480643 BLOG

Mont St Michel view 1480715 BLOG

It was interesting to get a bird’s-eye perspective of the new causeway. (The old road blocked the tidal flow, leading to the formation of silt flats. In time these will disappear and Mont St. Michel will once again become a true island at high tide.)

Mont St Michel causeway 1480572 BLOG

Mont St Michel view 1480733 BLOG

Mont St Michel view 1490190 BLOG

Out on the bay you could see groups of tourists with guides. In the next installment I will explain why you should never, ever venture onto the bay without a trained guide.

Mont St Michel island 1480634 CC BLOG

Mont St Michel sands 1480616 BLOG

Mont St Mich pano 1480686 FB

Among the tourists there were also a few pilgrims, like this couple who stood motionless in prayer.

MOnt St Michel prayers 1480698 BLOG

Alas … we were the last tour of the day, and it was time to go. The docent was lovely and patient as I lagged behind the rest of the group to snap photos.

Mont St Michel 1490053 BLOG

Only in hindsight did I realize I’d gotten a rare opportunity to see some of these places more or less empty.

Entrance Mont St Michel 1500011 CR BLOG

It was I who felt empty by the time we exited the abbey, however, so off we went in search of dinner. We inquired at La Mère Poulard, but were told with some disdain that we should have made reservations.

Mont St Michel Mere Poulard 1490349 BLOG

That’s how we discovered that nothing was open except a crêpe vendor and a single small restaurant. Des’ steak looked like leather, poor fellow.

Except for a general impression of beauty and calm, I barely remember the walk back to our room because I was so tired. But I do remember thinking how privileged we were to have these ancient streets to ourselves.

Mont St Michel stairs 1490307 BLOG

Mont St Michel 1490317 BLOG

Mont St Michel street 1490360 BLOG

I’ll be back soon with Part 3 — in which I meet an adorable snail, get stuck in the mud, and wobble down hundreds of stairs to the cheers of Chinese tourists. In the meantime, You can also read Des’ own account of the trip here.


• Give yourself at least two hours to tour the abbey (preferably with a guided tour).

• Make dinner reservations ahead of time, as few places stay open after dark.

• Although it’s possible to visit Mont St. Michel as a day-trip, I recommend staying overnight. I’ll be back soon to show you why.

Text and all images © Heather Munro.