Some moments of beauty

The past 10 days have been a wild weather ride, but there have been some moments of beauty.

Snowy path 1390167 BLOG

I didn’t get any photos of the Historic Polar Vortex, because I wasn’t outside long enough. But I can tell you this with some authority: 32 degrees below zero Fahrenheit is EXPONENTIALLY colder than just zero. It felt as if my skin was literally being scalded.

As any Minnesotan will tell you, though, the real menace when it gets so cold is black ice. That’s because anti-icing chemicals stop working, and car exhaust freezes into an almost-invisible film on the roads.

Black ice 1380868 BLOG

This doesn’t stop my hardy statemates from venturing out, however. (As you can see, parkas with furry hoods are all the rage. And also, sidewalk sweepers count as pedestrians.)

Downtown street crossing 1390129 BLOG

Others prefer to go running and sledding in the woods …

Minnesotans at play 1390214 CR BLOG

… or just venture outside in shorts. (One wonders how this guy got into a university.)

Polar vortex Miles in shorts BLOG

After the bitter cold came a sudden warm-up, which caused an equally sudden melt. I ventured out early last Sunday in hopes of seeing something beautiful. Instead I found this eerie glow under the new 35W bridge in Minneapolis.

35W glow 1380938 BLOG

I also hung around Minnehaha Falls for a while, hoping some of the fog would burn off.

Mhaha Falls composite CX BLOG

Foggy park bench 1390034 BLOG

Runner in fog 1390041 BLOG

Alas, the only color I spotted was this forlorn mitten.

Forlorn mitten 1390068 BLOG

The drive home along the Mississippi felt like being on the edge of a pirate map: “Steer to port, me hearties, for at starboard there be dragons.”

Mississippi banks 1390108 CX2 BLOG

But we did get a clear evening or two in there, with the promise of warmth to come, and longer days.

Sunset 1380879 BLOG

It’s just a matter of time before I’ll be complaining to you about the heat and mosquitoes.

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