What camera do you use? 
I get that question a lot. I’ve been using Panasonic mirrorless (micro four-thirds) cameras since 2008. My current kit is a GX85 body with its stock 14-140mm zoom lens, the marvelous 20mm Panasonic pancake, and a generic fisheye.

Why did you become a writer?
To become rich beyond the dreams of avarice. No, seriously: Because I love storytelling and the written word. Through writing we humans have devised a way of sharing knowledge that transcends time. It seems almost miraculous to me that with a few scrawled strokes we can invoke joy or fear or hope.

Why are there no comments on your posts?
I wrote another blog for almost 10 years that grew to some 65,000 subscribers. This meant replying to lots of comments each time I posted something new (which was a pleasure, but which also took a lot of time). Then I accidentally locked myself out of that blog and decided to start a new site — this time as more of an e-magazine. But if you really want to comment, you can still get in touch at hmunro [dot] wordpress {at} gmail (dot) com.

Who are your favorite authors?
My favorite author is whomever I am reading at the moment. That’s not a cop-out; it’s the truth. I believe that if someone has taken the trouble to write a beautiful poem or book or essay, they deserve my loyalty and full attention as a reader. That said, there are some authors whose voice or craft I especially admire (in no particular order of admiration): Mary Oliver. John Steinbeck. E. B. White. Jeff Talarigo. Wendell Berry. Robert Frost. Alice Munro. Robert Macfarland. And so many more …